Friday, January 11, 2019

Spring Semester Premiere of PKPK Radio!

I love you for listening! We had SO much to talk about after the holiday break! If you didn't catch the latest, be sure to check out my Sound Cloud page with the latest session!

2:13 - 5:06: Welcome back & PK's holiday break update! 
5:07 - 11:23: Wendy Williams Drama! 
11:29 - 22:24 : No Oscar Host! My thoughts on the Academy's actions, Kevin Hart backing out, and prior hosts! 
22:25 - 33:15: Break! 
33:16 - 51:16: Tension at Buckingham Palace! Meghan making the Queen's longtime assistant QUIT, fights with Kate, Markle family update, and the royal baby! 
51:18 - 61:30: Break!
61:34 - 63:40: Nicki Minaj engaged?! NYE Insta post has everyone talking and more on her controversial BF! 
63:45 - 66:43: PK's BIG announcement!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

All New PKPK Radio TMRW @ 10 PM! 

All new hot topics hour TOMORROW NIGHT AT 10 PM! for the LIVE stream! Can’t wait to spill the kafĂ© on ALL the latest from Demi Lovato to the royal family holiday drama!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Resolution Revolution

As 2019 begins, we want to follow through with New Years resolutions, whether it be giving up something (i.e. cursing or smoking) or introducing new things into our lives (i.e. new cuisines, new styles, or attitude changes). In this day and age, it is almost impossible not to be so distracted that you forgot what you promised your "new year" self in the first place. Millennials pick up Sober January as if it's the newest Furla handbag, while on the other hand, those looking to boost their egos search for new purpose via community service endeavors. Regardless of the promises we make to ourselves, it is the promises with which we follow through that matter most. 

So for this year, I will not view "resolutions" as things to completely eliminate or change; alternatively, I will intentionally change various aspects of my life for the better. I am young, single, and thriving and looking for my mark on the world. Goodbye to the days of lost promises and hello to the days of making conscious changes. Here I come, world, I'm moving onward and upward! 

Monday, December 17, 2018

PKPK Update!

Happy Monday! I am happy to announce that my Kristmas Kard will be out THIS Wednesday! I am so so so so excited for you guys to see it! 

Additionally, I have TONS of tea that I am going to spill for 2019!

1. will continue to release YouTube videos, record my radio segments, AND release some tunes on my SoundCloud page! Stay tuned for the upcoming news....

2. I will be much more interactive on my website - e-mail blasts, notifications, and giving you in on ALL the kafe' on erthang!

3. Pop Kulture With PK Radio will continue on TuneIn - Wednesdays at 10PM LIVE from Saint Joe's!

And most importantly, please have a safe and joyous holiday season! And to all my hard-working students, study hard and good look on your final exams!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Season finale of PKPK Radio Show!

Here is the link to the season finale of PKPK Radio Show! Much love and thanks to my friend Annie Howath to guest-starring on the segment! Check her out on @hercampussju !!

Thank you and much love to my listeners! I HAVE SOME BIG NEWS TO ANNOUNCE!

1. LOOK OUT FOR THE POP KULTURE KRISTMAS CARD! Message or DM me your email address! I will put out a subscription list soon!!

2. I will be going to CUBA from 3/8 - 3/16! My special "Pop Kulture: Havana Nights" will be released SUNDAY MARCH 18TH!


Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Good morning, everyone! I am so, so, so sorry for not keeping you guys in the loop, but the season finale of the PKPK radio segment on TuneIn will be TONIGHT at 10!!

My dear friend, Annie Howath, will join me to discuss the latest topics - we have LOTS to talk about, so stay woke and stay tuned!!

Also, I will be singing again live on air! A live sessions Christmas mixtape is in the works! :)

Friday, September 28, 2018


Hey guys! Here is my full recorded session from Wednesday, 9/26! Hope you all enjoy ALL the hot topics!

Check it out right here!

1:30 - 09:55: Bill Cosby Trial
09:55 - 13:00: Suge Knight's Jail Sentence
Commercial Break
18:52 - 23:45: Super Bowl Halftime Show Performers Confirmed...but not in my head!
23:46 - 30:40: Cardi B in the SuperBowl?!
30:41 - 33:10: Hilary Duff Pregnant and Stalked!
Commercial Break
36:42 - 40:50: "Handmaid's Tale" Costume Controversy!
40:51 - 45:00: Is Inclusivity Truly Possible?!
45:01 - 48:59: Pmpkn Szn!

Thank you guys for listening! :)

Monday, September 24, 2018

Check out my latest radio hour!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been on the air much, but I do have lots of the low-down in my latest live sessions! Be sure to check it out!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Hot Tea! VMAs shade - Nicki, Cardi, and Travis, oh my!

Sorry for the absence from the airwaves this week, my friends; but fret not, I will be back Wednesday (9/5) at 10pm to give you alll the dish in Hollywood, New York, and beyond!

Fendi prints ON! Minaj performing last Monday at the VMAs at Radio City Music Hall (photo courtesy of

Last week was nothing but notes - the VMAs on Monday started the week off with many feeling the *real* shade between Cardi B, Nicki, and Travis Scott - well, between Cardi and Nicki and Nicki and Travis.

Here's the backbeef - Cardi and Nicki have been at it for a while now, beginning with their “MotorSport” collab with Migos. Due to scheduling conflicts, the two female rappers could not film on the same days, thus forcing them to shoot their respective parts separately. It is *alleged* that Nicki rewrote her verse with ex-beau Saffaree after hearing Cardi’s part earlier in the song. In an interview with Beats 1 Radio, she wanted to clear the air regarding the "feud" with Quavo. In an exchange of texts with the Migos member, he stated that he would back her in the squabble “if [she] was his girl”. OUCH!

Cardi makin' money moves on the VMAs red carpet! (photo from

But back to the *main* Cardi/Nicki feud: Nicki stated that she “had the stats” to prove that she does not have to “buy” her number ones. Cardi stated that she will not “be discredited” for her lyricism and her hard work, proving itself on the charts and stage. To top off her night with the "Best New Artist of the Year" Award, along with winning both "Best Collaboration" ("Dinero") and "Song of the Summer" ("I Like It"), she made a dig at Minaj once again, stating that her fans' devotion "can't be bought, b*tch!" as she made a face. Sounds like the feud is far from over; both do not directly reference each other but they both seem to get under each other’s skin. In the meantime I’ll be waiting for their collabo...

If you wanna watch the FULL speech, check out this video, especially at 2:00! Take a look!

Lookin' regal! Minaj's album cover doesn't disappoint and perfectly fits her anticipated album and tour (photo courtesy of
Travis and Nicki's beef have been on everyone's lips even before the awards show. In a series of Insta stories and tweets, Nicki called out Travis' team for "buying" his #1 album spot. While this may be true, the "stats" are there, Nicki; I have nothing but love for your music and undeniable talent, but the proof is in the charts! And it was reported that Travis and baby mother Kylie walked the red carpet separately to avoid the "Chun Li" rapper, taking their sits when she went backstage to prepare for her *killer* performance at the show! In an interview after the show, Minaj revealed that she still "loves" Kylie and that she has no problem with her...

Nicki, with fellow performer Ariana Grande, reportedly beefed with the Lip Kit mogul and her rapper boyfriend! (photo courtesy of
Although on Friday, she asked Jenner's ex-beau Tyga on her radio station about the stance of their relationship, to which he said "we cool" and that he and Travis have no beef whatsoever. Sounds a little to good to be true, don't you think?!

Travis Scott's Astroworld album cover
Both you and Travis' albums were highly anticipated and your fans are devoted to you. Your album may have had the spot behind Astroworld, but that does not mean you're second best. And Travis - I cannot wait to see you in Philly December 1st!

For more T, check out my radio show through this link:

In the meantime, I will be posting throughout the weekend!

Friday, August 17, 2018


I am happy to announce that Pop Kulture with PK Instagram TV is up and running! From Omarosa’s new book to Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday fiasco, I got the latest tea on ALL the latest hot topics, only at @popkulturewithpk ! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Hi guys! I have some very exciting news!

I will be premiering my "Pop Kulture with PK" Instagram TV channel THIS FRIDAY, 8/17!

Time is yet to be determined, but worry not - I will announce that tomorrow!

Check out my announcement video on my IG and FB pages - in the "Follow Us on Social Media" tab! :)

Spring Semester Premiere of PKPK Radio!

I love you for listening! We had SO much to talk about after the holiday break! If you didn't catch the latest, be sure to check out my ...